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Roadmap for Sellers

Take the stress out of selling your home

The thought of selling your house is exciting – until you start to worry about all the uncertainties ahead. How long will it sit on the market? How much will you get for it? What will you do if the buyer’s credit falls through and the closing goes sideways?

We’ve handled all these uncertainties more times than we can count, and along the way we’ve learned how to dodge the common pitfalls. But the #1 takeaway from our time in real estate is this: It’s all about the process.

We’ll help you:

Decide the right asking price for your house, based on market conditions.

Capture your home in the absolute best light with beautiful, professional photography.

Advertise your home across multiple outlets to make sure the right buyer sees it.

Get all your ducks -and your buyer’s ducks- in a row for a successful closing.

Feel confident every step of the way, because you know someone will answer the phone when you call.

Need to bypass the stress of showings, open houses, etc.?

Ask about our Done Deal.