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Take the shorter road to sold.

The traditional home selling process isn’t for everyone. Maybe you don’t have time to let your house sit on the market. Maybe you’re looking for cash to make a compelling offer on your next home. Or maybe turning your house into a 24/7 showroom just doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

While we’d love to work with you to get your house in the best possible shape for the best possible offer, for some of our clients, the smoothest road to sold is the fastest one. Here’s how our Done Deal program works:

Bypass the showings, repairs, and open houses
Receive a cash offer on your home.
Close in as few as 21 days.

Traditional Listing Program vs Done Deal

The process of selling your home is no small undertaking. It’s also one of the biggest financial decisions that any family makes. For most people, the process can be both physically and emotionally stressful. The basic process has remained the same for year: preparation and staging, photos and marketing, paperwork and disclosures, showings and open houses, contract offers and negotiations, home inspections and appraisals, etc.

Over the last few years, a new model has emerged in larger markets that allows homeowners to sell their home quickly and without the hassle. We offer a Done Deal program that allows homeowners to take the shortest road to sold. Close in as little as 21 days, no showings, no open houses…no stress.

Having the Traditional Listing Program and the Done Deal program, allows each family to decide which model is best for them. Maybe you want to try your hand with our Traditional Program designed to get absolute top dollar for your home in the current market. Or, maybe you want to avoid the listing process with multiple showings of your home, and you want to sell as fast as possible.

With the Done Deal, you receive a cash offer on your home without any contingencies. Your home bypasses the market and you can close within 3 weeks. No showings or open houses. No stressful negotiations or last minute appraisals. You choose when to move and when to close.

If you would like to meet to decide which program is better for you.

Schedule an appointment via the link below or call us at 803.278.1818 or 706.664.2158

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