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How Accurate Is a Zillow Zestimate?

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Zillow is a great resource to get ballpark estimates on home values, but I wouldn’t recommend that you place too much trust into their ‘Zestimates’. I did some research and found that 50% of the time Zillow is off by 8% on homes in Augusta.

Zillow uses old tax assessor records and other inaccurate and arbitrary records to gauge the value of your home. They don’t know about the upgrades you’ve made or the repairs that you’ve done, let alone the neighborhood that you live in. Zillow is notoriously inaccurate when it comes to putting a price on your home.

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When you have a home that’s worth $170,000 you’d be missing out on $13,000 dollars if you trusted Zillow’s estimate. That’s a lot of money!

If you want to pinpoint the value of your home, then you need to speak with a real estate agent such as myself. I can take real market data to give you an accurate estimate of your home’s value.

I will physically assess your home for free if you contact me. Please don’t hesitate to contact me!

I look forward to speaking with you!

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