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Would You Benefit from a 2-Story Home or a Ranch Home?

Is a ranch-style home or a two-story home the best option? It all depends on what your needs are.

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When I’m out showing houses to buyers, I’m frequently asked about the benefits and disadvantages of two-story homes versus ranch homes. To determine which option is right for you, you’ve got to consider the features of each home type.

A ranch-style home is a one-level home with all the bedrooms and living space on one flat level. A two-story home has all the living space on one level and all the bedrooms upstairs on the second level. In other areas of the country, these types of homes may also include basements. The only kind of basements we have here are walkout basements when homes are built on a slope.

Another area to know about is the foundation. A ranch home will have a larger foundation than a two-story home because it has to house everything on one level. It will also have a larger roofline, which will be more expensive to build, maintain, and replace than the roof of a two-story home would be. Ranch homes are also going to give you a larger lot size than two-story homes.


 Each has its own advantages.


If you need a master bathroom on the first level, you don’t necessarily need to focus on ranch homes. There are actually quite a few two-story homes that have master suites and laundry rooms on the main level.

If price and affordability are your biggest concerns, focusing on a two-story home may be the way to go. If stairs are of equal concern, it might be best to focus on a ranch home.

Whatever your personal situation is, we can help you find the best solution possible. If you have any questions for us or want to buy or sell a home now, give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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