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Don’t Sleep on it!

If you sleep on a counteroffer, you might miss out on out on the home you want.

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Why should buyers never sleep on a counteroffer? I have a story to tell you that explains why.

I recently had a new listing on the market that received an offer from a buyer and their agent. Their price was a little bit less than what the seller wanted, so they countered an offer that was a little bit higher on the price. The agent then notified me that their buyer wanted to sleep on the counteroffer.

After this, I had to go back to all the agents that showed the home that day and let them know there was an offer on the table, but we hadn’t come to an agreement yet, and the buyer was sleeping on the counteroffer.


Once you decide to make an offer, be aggressive to get it under contract.


As it turns out, there was another buyer who wanted that home. That buyer made a full-priced offer, the seller accepted it, and we had to send a notification to the other agent and their buyer that we were withdrawing our counteroffer because the seller accepted another offer.

Don’t let this happen to you. Don’t sleep on a counteroffer and miss out on your dream home. It’s important to work with an agent who is confident, comfortable, and aggressive enough to let you know if you’re making a mistake. Work to get the home you want. Once you decide you’re making an offer, be aggressive to get it under contract.

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