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What Should Sellers Expect From a Home Inspection?

Sellers need to be ready for the home inspection process. Here are a few tips about how to prepare.

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What should sellers expect from the home inspection process, and what should they do before it’s time for that inspection?

    1. Clean the house. You have to remember that the home inspector is a person first and an inspector second, so the first impression the inspector has on a home with make an impact. They might assume that a dirty home isn’t being maintained well.
    2. Be on time. If the inspector is scheduled for 9:00 a.m., be prepared at least 30 minutes ahead of time. Inspectors often show up early to get a head start on the exterior inspection.
    3. Be sure that key systems and appliances are accessible. The heating and air systems, as well as the hot water heater, should have a least a 3-foot path around them so the inspector can get to them and inspect them. If they don’t have access to those features, they’ll likely recommend that area to be inspected by a licensed contractor. You don’t want to have to have another inspector come out—you might have to pay a second inspection fee.
    4. Clear out paths in your attic, crawl space, and garage.
    5. Leave keys for outbuildings and other areas that are normally locked.
    6. Prepare to leave the home when the buyer is present. This will allow them to take in the home free of judgment or criticism and, ultimately, fall in love with the home all over again.


If the inspector is scheduled for 9:00 a.m., be prepared at least 30 minutes ahead of time.


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