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Ever Wonder Why Some Houses Sell and Others Don’t?

When homes fail to sell, people tend to point fingers. Here are the four most common culprits behind homes that do not sell.

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Ever wonder why some houses sell and others don’t? Getting your home sold shouldn’t be that difficult if you stick to the basics. If you have one or more of the following problems, your home may be staying on the market for longer than you’d like:

1. The house is ugly. Ugly means different things to different people. It could simply mean the house is dirty, cluttered, tacky, or needs updating. The solution is to take a step back and find out what the real problem is from agent and buyer feedback.

2. The price is unrealistic. When homes stay on the market for a long time, it’s because the price is not right given the condition of the home. If you have an emotional tie to the house that’s keeping you from getting the price right, you should probably step back and consider it as more of a business decision.


Houses that need work are not as attractive to buyers.


3. It’s a project house. Houses that need a lot of work are not as attractive to buyers. You either need to put the money in the house to get it up to par or be prepared to discount the price significantly to get a buyer.

4. You’re being uncooperative. Uncooperative sellers don’t want to listen to their agent about how to prepare the home, how to show it, or why they should consider price reductions. These sellers aren’t open or cooperative in order to work through the deal to come to an agreement. In order to achieve your goal, you have to become cooperative.

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