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Trending: Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors have been the trendy thing for a while now. A unique look, and a great way to add privacy, here is a look at the many types and uses:

  1. Double barn doors. A great way to add doors to a double entryway, or to make an ordinary doorway seem larger by keeping the doors open at all times.


2. Single sliding doors can be added to the entrance of any room to create a more rustic feel. Keep in mind there must be enough space to the left or right of the doorway to accommodate the door when open.


3. Sliding closet door with mirror: A great way to jazz up the entrance to your closet. Adding a large mirror is great for checking out your outfit, and making a room appear larger.


4. Console doors: Don’t like the look of an exposed tv? Cover up a portion of large console unit with two sliding doors. Simply move the doors aside when it’s time to watch t.v.


5. A decorative accessory: Create a major focal point with interesting patterns and colors


6. Go halfsies: By cutting a door down the middle, or finding two smaller doors, you can create the feel of a larger entryway




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