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Someone Knocks on Your Door

Recently I was hosting a seniors downsizing seminar and someone asked me if it was safe or unusual if someone knocks on your door saying they have a buyer and would love to show their home…when it isn’t for sale.

I had a beautiful & super sweet 80 year old widowed woman ask me this question.  I, and the room of guests, responded with fear and a response of “you don’t really know who that person is knocking on your door, or if you would feel safe letting a stranger into your home.”  Also, even if they did have a buyer, that person would be looking out for the buyer’s best interest and not you, the seller’s best interest. 

So no, this isn’t typical and I wouldn’t allow them in.  In fact, I would be horrified if I heard my 87 year old mom did this and would be concerned about her safety as well as the true intentions of this person knocking on her door out of the blue.  Instead, I would get their business card and call your trusted real estate agent that will be able to look at the value of your home and protect your best interests.  We will do a market analysis, work with you to come up with an agreed upon value, reach out to the person that knocked on your door, determine if they really are a licensed agent in your area, and work to coordinate and oversee a meeting to show your home.  This way you are protected personally as well as  financially, as we will manage the meeting and any offers to be sure you get not only market value for your home but also best all around terms in a contract when selling should you wish to sell. 

If you are thinking of buying or selling, we are here to help.  My team and I are on standby 7 days a week, ready to help you take the smoother road to sold!


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