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New Year’s Resolutions for Homeowners

Today we are discussing FIVE New Year’s Resolutions you may want to consider if you’re a homeowner. 

Here we are coming up on the New Year, and it might be time to consider five New Year’s Resolutions to get your arms around maintaining your home. 

  1. Do An Assessment of Your Home. Go room by room and make a list of anything you see that is wrong. Then, sort your list into three different categories. One is mechanical/structural, the second is cosmetic, and the third is a wish list. Have scuffed doors that need fixed? Put that under cosmetic. Have a leaky faucet? Put that under mechanical or structural. Want to repaint the bathroom a different color or get rid of wallpaper? That would go under your wish list. So, make your list, sort it out, and start working on it when you have free time, or if you have some funds available, go ahead and tackle those problem areas.
  2. Establish a Repair Fund. You should be saving on an annual basis 1-4% of the value of the home, so that you have the funds available to make repairs when needed. If you have a $250,000 house, you need to set aside at least $2,500 a year for repairs. As the house gets older, save closer to 4% to take care of those items that need replaced or repaired. Even if you have a new home, you still need to set aside funds for upgrades or in case you need it for emergencies.
  3. Check your Smoke Alarms & Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors. In the middle of the night the smoke alarm sometimes goes off and we end up taking the batteries out. Well, we need to go back and put that back together and get it replaced if needed. So, double check that, and be sure everything is operating well. 
  4. Clean Around Your Appliances. Under them, behind them, on top of them. Also check your heating & air returns and clean them when needed.
  5. Trim Your Tree Limbs.  It’s winter time, so most leaves are down now and you’re able to see limbs that are hanging over your house. Now’s the time to trim those back, especially before we have an ice storm that can bring those limbs down and damage your home. Those tree limbs are also little highways for squirrels to get into your attic. Take care of those to avoid any issues later.

I hope these tips have been helpful. If I can help you in the New Year, feel free to reach out. My team and I are on standby 7 days a week, ready to help you take the smoother road to sold.

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