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Increased Prices but Reduced Interest Rates

Here’s how increased prices are practically offset by reduced rates.

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These days, our real estate market is seeing an increase in prices but also a reduction in interest rates, so how does this affect buyers? Prices have risen almost 10% compared to this time last year, however, a half-point drop in interest rate equals about 17% savings!

If you bought a home last year at $200,000, your principal and interest payment would have been $843.21 with a 3% interest rate. If you bought that same house now with the 10% increase in price at $220,000 and the decreased interest rate of 2.5%, your monthly payment would be $869—that’s less than a $30 increase. All this means it’s still a wonderful time to buy and take advantage of these low interest rates. We’ll likely never see rates this low in the real estate industry again.

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