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How to Keep Your Yard in Top Shape This Fall

Taking care of your yard is a year-round job. Here’s how to keep things in good shape as the fall season progresses.

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All summer long, we’ve been cutting, mowing, edging, blowing, and trimming our yard to make sure it looks like the best one in the neighborhood. Here are some tips to make sure your yard looks its best during the fall season as well:

1.  Fertilize those cool-weather grasses. Unlike the warm weather grasses that become dormant, now is the time to feed those cool-weather grasses.

2. Fallen leaves. It’s important to get those leaves off of your grass within seven to 10 days—they block the sun from getting to your grass and could be damaging your yards.

3. Time to re-seed. Get some fresh soil and spread it on those bald and bare spots so it will bounce back during next spring.


A leak could damage your yard and your wallet.


4. Blow out your sprinkler system. Get all the water out of those underground pipes because if it freezes and causes pipes to burst in the winter, a leak could be damaging to both your yard and your wallet.

5. Cut back the flowers, trim the bushes, and freshen your mulch. If you do this, your yard should look great over the winter months.

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