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Home Renovations to Avoid

There are some home renovations you can do that will actually hurt your home value or you just won’t get the money back you put into them.

Ornate light fixtures can be beautiful and really dress up a space, but also buyer specific. Good lighting is essential, but it’s best to stick with a light fixture that’s simple and functional rather than a lavish and expensive one.

An upgraded bathroom can certainly add value to a home, but it’s easy to get carried away. An over-personalized, luxury bathroom can scare away potential buyers. And an over the top whirlpool tub can be a turn off for buyers if they’re difficult to get in and out of or hard to clean. Keep it simple and neutral with a walk-in shower and rainfall shower head for the touch of luxury.

Another renovation to avoid is painting walls bright colors. Just because a magazine says certain colors are trending, doesn’t mean that they will add value to a house in your area. Big cities like New York or LA will pick up these trends first, then they will trickle down to the rest of the country much later.

Turning a guest bedroom into an office or combining two small rooms. These might sound like a good idea for empty nesters or couples without kids, but the number of bedrooms can be crucial when it comes to adding value to your home. Even small bedrooms add value!

The last home renovation to avoid is high-end kitchens. The resale value of a major, high-end kitchen remodel is actually less than what you’ll invest in it. To avoid kitchen renovation mistakes that won’t give you a return on investment, try to focus on which aspects of the kitchen are most outdated or worn.

If you need advice on what to renovate to get your home to sell for top dollar in today’s market, give me a call.

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