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Home Remedies That Can Make a Difference

A good home remedy is inexpensive, but it can work wonders. Here are four of my favorites.

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Everybody loves a good home remedy, and I’ve got four for you today.

1. Use steel wool to revive your sink. If your sink is all scratched, stained, and dirty, get some steel wool and use it on the sink. It can make your it look brand new.

2. Remove wallpaper with drywall mud. Need to renew a room? Yes, you can paint over wallpaper, but if there are any holes in it, you need to fill them with some drywall mud, sand it, and make sure it feels smooth. Also, use some joint compound or drywall mud to guarantee an even finish where seams meet.


Steel wool can make your sink look brand new.


3. Upgrade light fixtures with Rust-Oleum. This is a mixture of primer and paint that you can use to bring your old light fixture back to life without replacing it. It’s amazing how it makes it look. Also, you can use that on your metallic knobs or handles. It’s amazing what a difference it will make.

4. Make your house smell nice with citrus. Get a pot of boiling water on, cut up some lemons, limes, or oranges, and let it simmer. The scent will permeate the house and make it smell wonderful.

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