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Don’t Miss Out on This Hammond’s Ferry Neighborhood Tour

After hosting the annual Oyster Roast at Hammond’s Ferry, my team and I decided to stick around to film a neighborhood tour. This is an old yet vibrant neighborhood in Augusta.

Hammond’s Ferry is a new, mixed-use neighborhood that joins the charming city of North Augusta to the timeless beauty of the Savannah River. It combines a traditional neighborhood with a vibrant town center and the mighty Savannah River to create one of South Carolina’s most compelling new communities. The urban design of Hammond’s Ferry is an extension of the genteel architecture, friendly streets, and rich heritage that thrive in the culturally-rich Savannah River area.

Bike paths and lakes dot the neighborhood, and there are plenty of green spaces for your family to enjoy. There are many different types of homes, and all of them have porches or verandas within ‘speaking distance’ of the sidewalk in order to enhance an old-fashioned sense of community.

Please let us know if you would like to buy or build in this community! It’s an excellent place to settle down.


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