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Get a Guaranteed Cash Offer!

I want to remind you about our Guaranteed Offer Done Deal Program, which I recently have had a couple homeowners take advantage of! 

Selling your home is never easy. Going through the traditional listing program can be overwhelming. In order to get top dollar, you have to prepare your home to sell, you have to prepare for several showings, & most likely host a couple open houses. Then when you get offers, you’re going to negotiate through the offers. Once you get a contract, you’ll have to get through the home inspection process where you’ll have to negotiate through repairs, make repairs, and then get through the appraisal process as well, and hope that nothing falls apart before you get to the closing table. Sometimes all of that can be too much for someone. Especially for a dual career family with children. There is another option, and that is our Guaranteed Offer Program. 

The words, “Guaranteed Offer” are a little cliche, and some people might say, “why settle for a guaranteed offer when I can get you your best offer?” Well, sometimes a CASH OFFER, done deal, in hand, is the best offer for somebody! It’s not always all about money, sometimes it’s about the situation and how it impacts the entire family. s

So if you or someone you know would like me to come out and evaluate both the Done Deal Program, as well as the Traditional Listing Program, where I get you TOP DOLLAR, give me a call or set up an appointment. I’ll come out and evaluate your home both ways for you.

I would love to help you or your family down the smoother road to sold for you.

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  • Jennifer
    Written on

    I have a house that I am interested in selling. I owe approximately $45000 and I feel certain it is valued much higher. This is the home I live in and I am interested in purchasing a bigger home. Last, the home’s loan is in my father’s name, he passed in May 2022, but the deed is in both of our names.

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