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Episode 5: Upgrade Your Home Series

A fireplace is a focal point of a home & can alter the design & character of a room.

A key consideration when updating a fireplace should be what you will be using it for. Will it be wood burning? Gas? Electric? Or purely decorative?


  1. Paint the fireplace
  2. Update existing fireplace with paint + add wood mantel & trim
  3. Restore the fireplace to make it usable: add electric/gas insert, update mantel, and/or replace hearth
  4. Reface Fireplace: update entire fireplace surface but keep firebox shape & possibly add new insert
    1. More efficient room heater w/ an electric or gas insert
    2. Choose a different surface material: concrete, plaster, stone, tile, wood, metal, or a combination. 
  5. Demolish + Design Dream Fireplace


  • Traditional – historic design styles, formal looking, materials are natural, w/ ornate surround
  • Transitional – happy medium between traditional & modern. Cleaner lines & sleeker profiles, but still more detailed than modern styles. 
  • Rustic Modern – lots of texture, updated farmhouse vibe. Stately stone, reclaimed wood, textured plaster, & more traditional-looking tile or brick. Often flanked by built-ins. Cozy & casual look. 
  • Industrial – use of black & metal to make a dramatic effect against a light-colored room.
  • Modern Minimalist – simplistic & minimalistic. Design elements include choice of material, shape, scale, and/or positioning on the wall without the detail work.

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