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Episode 2: Upgrade Your Lighting!

A bright way to increase the value of your home is to add lighting. A well-lit room feels more cheerful, and makes spaces feel larger and cleaner.

Looking to sell your home? Bright rooms show there’s nothing to hide, making potential buyers feel more at ease when touring the home. 

Good lighting can enhance a room both functionally and stylistically. Because home lighting products are constantly evolving, your options are endless. It is recommended to observe your space, and then utilize simple and reliable lighting solutions to give those rooms or areas a breath of new life. 

Although warm white lighting creates a nice ambience, upgrading your lighting with white LED bulbs will instantly brighten any room and decrease the look of shadows, PLUS, they’re energy efficient, long-lasting, non-toxic, and generate very little heat. 

You should also consider upgrading your light switches. Light switch covers aren’t necessarily thought to be a stylistic element, but they should be. There are some stylish options out there, including matte black, powder white, wood, brass, & brushed nickel.

And if you’re considering upgrading the switch covers, you should also consider dimmable options. You can cut your electricity costs significantly with dimmable lights, and they’re also a smart, resale-value-friendly addition to bedrooms and living rooms. 

Another way to upgrade your lighting can be to install a chandelier in an unexpected place. If your home has high ceilings or a really large room, adding a chandelier will draw the eye upwards and it fills that space or room in a deliberate and practical way. Or you can add one to a smaller space that can benefit from the burst of ambient lighting that a chandelier provides, preferably a space that lacks natural light. A foyer is a great space to install a chandelier or even an owners luxurious bathroom or walk in closet. Not only will it provide brightness, but also gives a grand impression to the home. 

Also put some thought into exterior lighting just as you would inside of your home. Upgrade your exterior lighting to highlight special aspects of your home, whether that’s with path lights, floodlights, garden lights, or front porch lights.. It’s great for curb appeal and improves resale value. 

I hope this has been helpful! Stay tuned next week for Episode 3 on Upgrading Your Home Series.

If you have any real estate questions, or looking to buy or sell, give us a call! My team and I are on standby 7 days a week, ready to help you take the smoother road to sold!


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