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Category: Seller Tips

    Should You Rent or Sell Your Current Home Before Buying a New One?

    By RandiJo White | February 27, 2024

    Today I will discuss the topic: Should You Consider Keeping Your Current Home and Making it a Rental Property When You Buy Your Next House? First, I want to remind everybody we are having a FREE seminar on March 7th, at 11:30AM, at The Willcox Hotel in Aiken, South Carolina. We will discuss whether you... Read More

    Episode 5: Upgrade Your Home Series

    By RandiJo White | February 14, 2024

    A fireplace is a focal point of a home & can alter the design & character of a room. A key consideration when updating a fireplace should be what you will be using it for. Will it be wood burning? Gas? Electric? Or purely decorative? FIREPLACE UPDATE OPTIONS: Paint the fireplace Update existing fireplace with... Read More

    Episode 4: Upgrade Your Home Series

    By RandiJo White | February 7, 2024

    Updating your kitchen can be a huge undertaking, especially if you’re going to be living in the house while the renovation project is going on. However, there are plenty of things you can do to upgrade and refresh your kitchen without going through a full-blown renovation. Doing just one or two of the following can... Read More

    Upgrade Your Home Series: Episode 3

    By RandiJo White | January 31, 2024

    Flooring upgrades are huge selling points and will increase a home’s value no matter the size of your home or where it’s located.  Whether you’re choosing to refurbish existing flooring or replace the flooring altogether, you are boosting your home and its potential listing price.  Let’s take a deeper look at the different flooring options,... Read More

    Episode 2: Upgrade Your Lighting!

    By RandiJo White | January 24, 2024

    A bright way to increase the value of your home is to add lighting. A well-lit room feels more cheerful, and makes spaces feel larger and cleaner. Looking to sell your home? Bright rooms show there’s nothing to hide, making potential buyers feel more at ease when touring the home.  Good lighting can enhance a... Read More

    Upgrading Your Home Series: Episode 1

    By RandiJo White | January 10, 2024

    A quick and easy solution to upgrade your home and give it a fresh, new look without spending a lot of money or time is painting. Home updates can include smaller paint projects to ensure a finished look. These items can range from stairs, handrails, trim, molding, and doors. If these “little” things are left... Read More

    New Year’s Resolutions for Homeowners

    By RandiJo White | December 27, 2023

    Today we are discussing FIVE New Year’s Resolutions you may want to consider if you’re a homeowner.  Here we are coming up on the New Year, and it might be time to consider five New Year’s Resolutions to get your arms around maintaining your home.  Do An Assessment of Your Home. Go room by room... Read More

    Crafting a Strong Offer

    By RandiJo White | December 13, 2023

    It is December 2023!  Yesterday I was in a store and someone said “Hey, I know you’re our local real estate expert…what is our market doing?” and it reminded me it is probably time for a quick market update. Here it is…us real estate agents are starting to see buyers want to throw out low... Read More

    Winterizing Your Home

    By RandiJo White | December 5, 2023

    HOW TO WINTERIZE A HOME Winterization is an important process that homeowners should not neglect to do for their property, whether it’s your summer house that you’re closing up or your primary residence. The purpose of winterizing your home is to prevent higher energy costs and avoid any damage that could be caused by cold... Read More

    A Holiday Gift for New Clients!

    By RandiJo White | November 29, 2023

    I’m so excited at this time of year! I get to spend a lot of time with past clients the week of Thanksgiving, which just passed, and it makes me so happy to hear how much somebody loves their new home and appreciates the help we provided them during their home buying process. It really... Read More