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Category: Credit Industry

    What will the housing market look like this summer?

    By RandiJo White | June 21, 2023

    2023 has been an unpredictable year in the housing market. After the upheaval of the pandemic and the low interest rates we saw over the last two years, it seemed like a return to normal was coming this year. And one of the ways the market was going to get back to normal was that... Read More

    Let’s Talk Interest Rates & Pre-approval!

    By RandiJo White | December 27, 2022

    Today I have my favorite mortgage company here with me, Motto Mortgage Simplified, and we are going to discuss the first thing you should do if you’re thinking about buying, and what the interest rates are currently doing. The main reason I love Motto Mortgage Simplified is because they are local. If you have a... Read More

    Will a Credit Inquiry Affect Your Credit Score?

    By Dan Schmidt | April 12, 2018

     Do credit inquiries impact your credit score? Today, I’ll fill you in on how, if at all, they might. Click here to use our free home evaluation tool. Looking to buy a home? Click here to search all houses on the local MLS. Are you concerned with how many times your credit is being... Read More