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5 Steps To Prepare Your Home To Sell

Today, we’ll focus on five specific things to consider before Listing your home. Each tip potentially adds value to your home and will help you sell it quicker.

  1. The lawn should be mowed. The hedges should be trimmed. The sidewalk should be edged. Take a look at your front door and ask yourself if it needs a fresh coat of paint.
  2. Get rid of unnecessary clutter. Remove everything you don’t use regularly from surfaces such as the kitchen and bathroom countertops. Surfaces should look clean and appealing.
  3. Think about wallpaper. If you have wallpaper, it’s best to get rid of it. Hire a skilled painter to cut and mud the seams, in addition to painting over the wallpaper entirely.
  4. Consider painting. Your walls should be neat and clean with soft, neutral colors. Light grays and soft tans are both excellent options. If you have to paint a lot of rooms, I’d recommend painting the same color throughout the home consistently.
  5. What about flooring? Clean or replace dirty carpets. You need to have floors in good condition.

You might think that leaving your home the way it is will be easier for buyers to choose features on their own, that’s not the case. You need to have your house clean and all repairs fixed in order to win buyers over. If you’re thinking about buying or selling, give me a shout! I’m available by phone or email. I’d be happy to answer any real estate questions you might have.

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