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5 Questions to Ask Your Agent

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, there is some general information that you’ll want to know about the real estate agent you’re considering. These questions will help you decide whether a Realtor has the professional expertise, local market knowledge, and communication skills you’ll need in a partner on your real estate journey. If you’re selling a home, you want an agent who will be able to get you the best price. That’s especially true if you need the proceeds from selling your current home to buy a new one.

1. Are you a full-time or part-time agent?
As with many types of jobs, some agents work in real estate as their full-time career, and some are part-timers. I would always recommend working with a full-time agent whose sole focus and attention is on real estate, market conditions, and trends. As a Buyer or Seller you may ask why?  Well I have a few examples.  If you are working with a part timer that also has a full time job at a site where they can’t have their cell phone, you would not have access to them if you have questions. Or if you’re a buyer and a home hits the market that you’re interested in, it could be hours before that agent could get back to you to arrange to show you the home and in the meantime, you could miss out on the home.

2. How long have you been in business, and what is your sales volume?
It’s important to understand their level of experience in the industry. You’re looking for signs that the Realtor knows the current market well and will protect you AND your money throughout the entire transaction. Ask for sales data to back up their recent transactions. This information is important as it will show you truly how many homes they are selling, what price points they work in, and in what areas.

How will you communicate with me, and how often? 
It’s important for you and your agent to establish your expectations and mode of communication from the start. This includes type of communication, whether that’s phone call preference, text, or email, and the frequency of said communication.  This helps create a certain level of respect and commitment to you from the moment you sign with them.

4. What price would you recommend if I were in a rush to sell, and if timing were not an issue?
Asking this helps you compare an aggressive market analysis versus a safer, more efficient pricing strategy. This question will also reveal how well the agent can navigate a complicated market. As a Buyer you may ask if you need to find a home quickly, what will the strategy be to win in a multiple offer situation vs if I have time to wait to find a home. Or if I have to Sell in order to Buy, what will that plan look like?

5. What is your marketing game plan?
Marketing is vital in real estate. You should be asking the Realtor what their marketing game plan is, and even better if they have examples to show you. Agents should be able to provide you with a detailed outline of the marketing campaign crafted for your home. This includes professional photography, videography, magazines, and special feature cards.

At Shannon Rollings Real Estate, we are all experienced full time Real Estate Professionals. We are on stand by 7 days a week 9am to 8pm to help our clients navigate the real estate process of buying and selling. We have our Traditional Listing Program to get you top dollar but also have our Done Deal Program for those that either don’t have the time to wait for their home to sell or are in need of renovations and don’t want to do the work yourself. We have a proven Seller Marketing Plan and a Buyer Strategy. If you are thinking of buying or selling, give me a call. As I said my team and I are on standby 7 days a week 9am to 8pm ready to help you take the smoother road to sold.

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  • Denise Campbell
    Written on

    I started out with a part-time realtor, which I felt didn’t meet my qualifications because she had a full-time job. It didn’t take me long to say this is not personal but business that I go with the realtor that does this as a full-time job. Someone that could focus on my needs and with more availability. After viewing your video, that just confirmed I made the right choice. Thank you ❤️

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