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3 Big Mistakes Sellers Make in Our Market and How You Can Avoid Them

To have a quick and successful home sale, you must avoid these three mistakes sellers typically make in our market.


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There are three main mistakes we see sellers make in our market that I want you to avoid when selling your own home.  

The first mistake is price. It’s important to price a home correctly. Price it at the market price. When a home is priced right, buyers are willing to pay the asking price and sometimes even higher than that in order to secure the home.

Buyers are also quicker to secure your home and make a buying decision when it’s priced right, so be sure to price it at the market price. Don’t price it high, don’t price it low—price it at the market price.

Oftentimes, sellers want to price their home a little bit higher than the market price just to see what happens. Ultimately, they end up getting less for the home than they would’ve if they had just priced it correctly from the beginning because, as they come down on their price, buyers lose interest in it and it’s no longer considered “new” on the market.


Don’t price your home too high or too low—price it at the market price.


The second mistake is being difficult in showing their home, or not cooperating and coordinating with showings. When your home is new on the market, you need to be flexible and ready to show it. You never know—a buyer may be in town only for the weekend or have a short window to secure a home because their own home is under contract. Be as flexible as possible and cooperate for showings.

The third mistake is trying to be a secret seller. Secret sellers don’t want their neighbors, their family, or their friends to know they’re selling, so they don’t want a sign outside or have any marketing done. Don’t be a secret seller. The key to selling is exposure, exposure, exposure. Take advantage of all the marketing available and get your house out there.

If you have any questions about this topic or I can help you with buying or selling your next home, don’t hesitate to give me a call. I’d love to help you.

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