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    10 Handy Storage Hacks to Make the Most of Any Space

    Whether you live in a home with insufficient square footage or simply have too much stuff to keep track of, innovative storage solutions can make your life easier. Take a look at these 10 storage hacks to find out how you can simplify your living space:


    1. Corner Shelving: By installing corner shelves you not only take advantage of an otherwise unused space, but with colorful knick knacks or books you can create a space that is more visually appealing.shutterstock_142141789
    2. Behind-the-door towel rods: Add extra space to any small bathroom by installing the towel rod to the back of the door:2
    3. Large mirrors: Installing large mirrors adds depth and the illusion that the space is much larger:shutterstock_76190914
    4. Above door shelving: Take advantage of the unused space above any door to store household items or anything you don’t want kids to reach! 3
    5. Under bed storage: This method is fairly traditional, but storage methods have come a long way to include beds with large storage compartments:4
    6. Converting under stair space: The space under a staircase can be converted into a mini mudroom, closet, desk hutch, and much more:shutterstock_446841181
    7. In-closet furniture options: Place a dresser or changing table inside a closet to maximize precious floor space:5
    8. Pull-down desks: The new-fangled furniture items are quite handy; pull down the desk when in use, and store it against the wall when not needed!6
    9. Pantry door storage: Use the space behind your pantry door to store anything from snacks to spices:7
    10. Backsplash storage: If you are low on cabinet or counter space, this is a great way to store every day kitchen items. 8

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